Power Trips owner, Ryan Silverthorn, with Tesla Model S P85

Power Trips owner, Ryan Silverthorn, with Tesla Model S P85

Just because you can't afford to own a Tesla, does not mean you can't drive one.

An Okanagan business is providing an opportunity to rent the Tesla Model S, the world's fastest sedan.

Teslas are known around the world for taking battery-powered cars to a whole new level. Luxury, comfort and performance make for an electrifying ride.

Ryan Silverthorn owns Power Trips, the company that is renting the sleek, black machine for an hour, a day and even for several weeks.

“We offer something very unique in the Okanagan, an experience that is luxurious and exhilarating, yet environment friendly. After having noticed an increased interest in Tesla vehicles here in the Valley, we wanted to have the cars and SUV’s available for anyone to drive,” said Silverthorn.

Currently, Power Trips has the Model S for rent, but a Tesla SUV is in the future as soon as it becomes available in Canada.

“With a rapidly growing network of Tesla charging stations popping up all over the Valley, the timing couldn't be better and Power Trips is very excited to launch the Okanagan's first all electric luxury rental fleet,” said Silverthorn.

To sit in the car leaves an impression of class and luxury. Hit the accelerator (you can't call it a gas pedal, because there is no gas) and the luxury car becomes a sports car worthy of any on the road.

Silverthorn said the Tesla Model S goes from zero to 100 KP/H in just four seconds. It is also the longest range electrical vehicle on the market.

“We take most of our bookings through powertrips.ca,” said Silverthorn. “And if something you want isn't on there, we always take a phone call and we will custom tailor a package deal.”