Tesla Superchargers Coming To Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Driving coast to coast in an exclusively supercharged Tesla will soon be a reality.

Tesla's new supercharger - providing up to 72KW of charging power - rolls out across Canada in the coming months.  Strategic locations along the transCanada highway in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia will boast Tesla-exclusvice supercharging stations for the exclusive use of Tesla owners. The new charging stations are in addition to an already-existing network of Destination chargers and Superchargers Tesla placed strategically throughout Canada and around the globe, including nearby Kelowna BC's supercharging station.  In total, 58 cities/destinations have been added to Tesla's "coming soon" list.

With a healthy network of electric vehicle (E.V.) charging stations across Canada, it is already quite  simple to get coast to coast in an Electric Vehicle. Superchargers, however, are a complete game-changer in terms of the amount of time it takes to charge a Tesla. For example, Tesla owners plug in for a 45-60 minute "supercharging" session to top up their battery. Whereas the already available 8KW charging stations can take up to 8 hours to fully charge an E.V. 

You can view Tesla's interactive map of all charging AND supercharging stations already available in Canada here: click for map.

Wondering what the difference is between a Tesla destination charger and a Tesla supercharger is? Click HERE for that.

Tesla Kelowna International Airport.jpg