Jaw Dropping Stats about the Tesla Semi

  • Tesla Semi truck is a heavy duty electric vehicle which could carry loads upto 80,000 lbs(that’s around 37 tons) !
  • The truck goes from 0-100 km/h in 5 seconds ! 😱
  • You could travel upto 400 miles with just 30 mins of charge ! It simply means that, plug in your truck, have breakfast, take a shit… DONE, drive it for hours.
  • The problem of jackknifing(uncontrolled skidding movement) has been completely eliminated in the Tesla Semi !
  • Trucks carry huge amount of loads constantly for long distances & hence has a greater chance to breakdown anywhere in the middle of a road. Keeping this in mind, Tesla guarantees that the Tesla truck would not break down for a 1 million miles. Period.
  • The production of Tesla truck begins in 2019 !
  • In worst case scenario, the Tesla truck has a range of 500 miles(800 km) ! Yeah, that’s worst case, it could do better !
  • The truck has an enhanced autopilot systems which automatically brakes & lane keeps as well.
  • The Tesla Semi is more aerodynamic than the 1500hp super sports car Bugatti Chiron ! Normal diesel trucks have a drag coefficient(Cd) of 0.65, Chiron has a Cd of 0.38, while the Tesla truck has coefficient of 0.35 !
  • The truck has got 4 independent motors, 1 for each wheel. Elon Musk teased by saying, “Even if 2 motors fail, it’ll still be a diesel truck.”

Source: Tesla.com, MechStuff.com