Tesla Chargers Now at Sparkling Hill Resort

Sparkling Hill Resort now has two Tesla destination chargers. Upon arrival, their valet team would be pleased to park and plug in your ride. Many of Power Trip's clients have already made use of the high end resort and spa's destination chargers. Sparkling Hill (pictured below) joins a long list of places to plug in a Tesla around the Okanagan Valley, including its neighbour on the hill, Predator Ridge Resort (also pictured here). 

For more information about taking a Tesla to Sparkling Hill, or any Okanagan destination, please call Power Trips at 250-306-2564. For a full list of places to plug in a Tesla in the Valley, click here.

Sparkling Hill Resort and Predator Ridge Resort both offer destination chargers for Tesla owners and renters. With a Tesla, enjoy front row, reserved parking at Predator Ridge and full valet service at Sparkling Hill Resort.